B R I   B L V C K




Everything Prod (NK-OK)
All The Time- Lil Wayne Cover
Say Yes Floetry Cover
Bri Blvck- Twin Soul


"I felt your music in my soul"

North Carolina native, Bri Blvck is a hip hop violinist and  singer/songwriter who creates experiences and sets a vibe through her thought provoking and creative performances. She is known for seducing crowds with the harmonies and bass lines of her original Neosoul music. Her music centers around the different dynamic between lovers. 


Blvck has been playing violin for 13 years and was classically trained. As she was studying music in college, Blvck become bored with the limitations of classical music. She then began exploring other genres and fell in love with playing the music was closest to her soul. She is currently performing all throughout the Tri State area as well as in the subways of NYC.


Photo By: Sigal Mizrahi


Photo By: Pam Creative


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